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                        Nature Biotechnology publishes review by Prof. Huang Ying
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                        On October 2, 2019, Nature Biotechnology, an international authoritative journal, published online a review article by Huang Ying, the associate professor of the School of Information Management, and the center for Science and Technology Innovation and Policy Research (STIP) of Georgia institute of technology in the form of Data Page under the column "News & Comment". The article is titled Collaborative networks in gene editing.

                        Huang Ying is the first author of the review article. Professor Rodolphe Barrangou is the corresponding author. He works in North Carolina State University, and is a member of the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Engineering in the US. Co-authors are professor Alan L. Porter from Georgia Institute of Technology and Dr. Zhang Yi from the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia. The project was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the initial research fund for "double first-class" talents of Wuhan University.

                        This review paper constructed a keyword-based retrieval strategy, collecting 15092 research papers and reviews related to gene editing recorded on the Web of Science since 2000, and used scientometrics, social network analysis and other methods to present the publishing trend of gene editing research over the years, the overview of major countries, the cooperation mode of core authors and the distribution characteristics of important subjects, and made an vivid analysis and visualized presentation of the current research in the field of gene editing from a quantitative perspective.

                        Associate professor Huang Ying graduated from School of Management and Economics of Beijing Institute of Technology. She studied under professor Zhu Donghua, an expert in the field of technology prediction and technology management. From 2014 to 2015, she went to Georgia Institute of Technology for joint training and studied under professor Alan L. Porter, an internationally renowned technology management expert. She devoted herself to scientific literature measurement and scientific management. Currently, Huang Ying is conducting postdoctoral cooperative research at Belgium Research and Development Monitoring Center (ECOOM) of University of Leuven, Belgiumin, the research center of scientific metrology. In recent years, Huang Ying has published more than 20 papers in important journals (SCI/SSCI retrieval) in Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Scientometrics and other fields, and won many academic awards.

                        The original link: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41587-019-0275-z

                        Rewritten by: Wu Buer, Cao Siyi, Shen Yuxi and Hu Sijia


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