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                        CareThem Animal Preservation Association: “Let them go”and “Let me help”
                        Author:Li Sijie  Date:2019-12-10  Clicks:

                        At the call that a cat was found trapped in WHU’s Jianhu Lake for two days, deep in the evening, members of WHU CareThem Animal Preservation Association rushed to the lake, tried every method from making ladders to borrowing nets, and ended up with some boys climbing down to bring the cat out.

                        With a large area of forests, open environment and sound ecosystem, WHU seems to be a perfect refuge for stray animals. However, while visitors could just enjoy the animation these animals bring, it takes great effort for WHUers to assist animals to live a healthy and happy life, and to maintain balance between humans and animals.

                        WHU CareThem Animal Preservation Association, a student voluntary organization committed to campus animal preservation, has taken plenty of effective measures to maintain the harmonious relationship between humans and animals. They tried to spread rational ideas that stray animals are independent creatures and that instead of caging them we should let them go and offer help only if necessary.

                        Logo of CareThem Animal Preservation Association

                        The members in the association have well-defined roles: arrange sterilization operations, rescue careless animals trapped, bring sick or injured animals to hospital, and seek adopters outside the university.

                        What’s more, the association also strives to construct correct human perception toward the animal world. What food can be fed to them and what cannot? How to deal with injury emergencies? Why it is not allowed or proposed to raise pets in school? As to the significant problem of overbreeding of animals without human control, why sterilization is necessary? The association will answer these questions.

                        In cooperation with Wuhan Kara Pet Hospital, the association offers sterilization operations to 7 animals each month

                        The running of the association is growing mature. Witty WeChat Feeds are updated regularly on the public account. The anthropomorphic QQ social account updates the latest related information of animals rescued and serves as a channel opening for relevant requests and help.

                        Student-built comfortable cat nest with ample food

                        Last month the association has just held a fundraising for treatment of four injured animals. The most serious case was a female dog hit by a car outside Wenlan Gate, which cost nearly 6500 yuan from examination and operation to recovery treatment. Another was a cat with corneal ulcer urging an eyeball removal surgery.

                        Screenshot: Information page of the fundraising on WeChat

                        Donators, including students and teachers, responded quickly. Cashflow streamed in, with the largest one reaching 2000 yuan. Finally the total donation of 12150.27 yuan was properly used, itemized bills clarified and four critters treated.

                        The cat after the eyeball removal surgery

                        When asked about what is the ideal relationship between humans and stray animals on campus, Cheng Yajie, who is in charge of association publicity, gave a seemingly unusual answer, “Above all we should respect them and give them the space they need. Human beings and animals are equal to some extent, being separate components of the university. While too much attention would make them uneasy and scared, over-protection will let the amount of stray animals run wild, breaking the ecological balance.”

                        A cat taken good care of by passing students

                        She added, “Of course rescue and relief should be provided in times of emergency. Everyone in our association is kind, patient and enthusiastic. We act instantly whenever called, devote time, energy and even money when funds run short without any complaints or expecting any favor in return.”

                        “Loving them is not about having them, but about doing what we can to provide a good living environment for them,” she summarized.

                        What deserves mention is the large QQ group organized by this association, which have 815 members in total scattered over the whole campus. Students discuss what food can be offered to animals, how to make a nest for them, whether certain animal can be adopted and so on. They volunteer to buy cat food, take notice of potential ill animals and report appearance of new animals.

                        A picture was shared in the QQ group after someone found the dog lying still, asking whether it got sunstroke

                        Shared photos in the QQ group

                        With the association’s continuing efforts and WHUers’ kindness, loving and caring stray animals has become a recognized practice and fashion all over the university.

                        Edited by Wei Yena, Li Yushan & Hu Sijia

                        Photo by CareThem Animal Preservation Association


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